Ursel Avia

Een uniek gebeuren voor het ganse gezin

Pilot Info

Airfield departures / arrivals for the Fly In and the airshow participants

Arrivals and departure on Ursel airfield (EBUL) on saturday 27/6 and sunday 28/6 are subject to instructions and regulations because of the URSEL AVIA event.
For more information, please contact Vliegclub Ursel.

Restrictions: Airfield is PPR, call Vliegclub Ursel (VCU) 09/374.12.90


Saturday 27/6/2020

Fly In

=> Fly in only on Saturday

Prior to approaching EBUL, you should register your arrival request (see below).
Remark : Fly In arrival request registrations can be made as from 1/6/2020.

After registration, you will receive an acceptance e-mail or call.

On the date of the event, please reconfirm your requested ETA and (and ETD) prior to your departure by phone to Vliegclub Ursel (09/374.12.90) to avoid to hold due to ongoing rehearsals

Sunday 28/6/2020

Participating aircraft (static and display)

Participating pilots & teams, both on display and static, are contacted by the URSEL AVIA 2020 organisation teams.
Prior to enrollement and participation, a registration form (questionaire) is to be completed. Further instructions and guidelines will be made available to the relevant parties.